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LoMedico Exotic Motors


215 Newman Springs Rd E // Shrewsbury, NJ 07702

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Competitive Credit Union Rates Immediate On-site automated decisions At Mario LoMedico Exotic Motors, we use an automated decision system that enables us to access the best credit union financing available to you. That system is called CUDL. Everyone knows credit unions have access to great products and services, competitive pricing, and the ability to provide convenience to their members. Once we submit your application, the response is immediate, and can be printed to include in your package. At Mario LoMedico Exotic Motors we chose CUDL because it gives us the ability to give you access to a large network of credit unions on one easy-to-use platform to get immediate financing decisions. This quick and convenient approval process gives us the ability to offer you the most competitive credit union financing. Credit union members can take advantage of their credit union's competitive auto loan rates and services, conveniently at Mario LoMedico Exotic Motors. Answers are immediate, and the process is simple. Competitive rates, convenience and great cars to choose from. Contact us now to get financed.
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Auto Payment Calculator

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